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New E-books

On this page you will find a full list of the most recently added E-books by subject category

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Business E-books

Communities of practice: critical perspectives - Hughes, Jason

The Oxford Handbook of International Buisness Rugman, Alan

International business: a managerial perspective - Griffin, Ricky W.Pustay, Michael W.

International business: the new realities - Cavusgil, S. TamerRiesenberger, John R.Knight, Gary A.

Education E-books

Challenging and controversial picturebooks: creative and critical responses to visual texts - Evans, Janet

Classroom-based research and evidence-based practice - Taber, Keith

Does religious education matter - Shanahan, Mary

Early childhood education management: insights into business practice and leadership - Moloney, MaryPettersen, Jan

Education for all? The legacy of free post-primary education in Ireland - Harford, Judith, Ed.

Educational research: planning, conducting and evaluating quantitative - Creswell, John W

Elementary and middle school mathematics: teaching developmentally - Van de Walle, John A.Bay-Williams, Jennifer M.Karp, Karen S.

Essentials of assessing, preventing and overcoming reading difficulties - Kilpatrick, David A.

European models of bilingual education - Beardsmore, Hugo Baetens

Foundations of bilingual education and bilingualism - Baker, Colin

Geometry with trigonometry - Barry, Patrick D.

Immersion education: lessons from a minority language context - Ó Duibhir, Pádraig

Intentional leadership for effective inclusion in early childhood education and care: exploring core themes and strategies - Moloney, MaryMcCarthy, Eucharia

An introduction to distance education: understanding teaching and learning in a new era - Cleveland-Innes, M.F. edGarrison, D.R. ed

More trouble with maths: a complete manual to identifying and diagnosing mathematical difficulties - Chinn, Stephen J

The numeracy and learning difficulties: approaches to teaching and assessment - Westwood, Peter SAustralian Council for Educational Research

One Child Reading: My Auto‐Bibliography - Mackey, Margaret

Overcoming dyslexia: a new and complete science - Shaywitz, Sally E

Qualitative research methods: collecting evidence, crafting analysis, communicating impact - Tracy, Sarah J.

Reading by Right : Successful Strategies to Ensure Every Child Can Read to Succeed - Court, Joy Ed.

Reading - the grand illusion: how and why people make sense of print - Goodman, Kenneth S.Fries, Peter HowardStrauss, Steven L.

Researching your own practice: the discipline of noticing - Mason, John

Responding to problem behaviour in schools: the behaviour education - Crone, Deanne AHawken, Leanne SHorner, Robert H

The Routledge International handbook of young children's thinking and understanding - Flannery Quinn, SuzanneRobson, Sue

Scaffolding language development in immersion and dual language classroomsTedick, Diane J.Lyster, Roy

School, family and community partnerships - Epstein, Joyce Levy

Talking and learning with young children - Jones, Michael

Teacher and Librarian Partnerships in Literacy Education in the 21st Century - Pihl, Joron

Teaching physical education to children with special educational needs and disabilities - Vickerman, PhilipMaher, Anthony

Understanding and teaching reading comprehension: a handbook - Oakhill, JaneElbro, CarstenCain, Kate

What teachers need to know about numeracy - Westwood, Peter S

Geography E-books

Human geography: places and regions in global context - Knox, Paul L.Marston, Sallie A.

Introduction to human geography - Rubenstein, James M.

Languages & Literature E-books


Approaching language transfer through text classification - Crossley, Scott AJarvis, Scott

Bilingualism: basic principles Housen, AlexDewaele, Jean-MarcWei, Li

The bilingual text: theory of literary self-translation - Hokenson, JanMunson, Marcella

The blood brothers - Russell, Willy

Breaking the magic spell: radical theories of folk and fairy tales - Zipes, Jack

Changing methodologies in TESOL - Spiro, Jane

Cruel optimism - Berlant, Lauren Gail

Emily Bronte - Pykett, Lyn

ESOL provision in the UK and Ireland - Mishan, Freda, Ed.

European models of bilingual education - Beardsmore, Hugo Baetens

Fashion and narrative in Victorian popular literature: double threads - Seys, Madeleine C.

From Prosperity to Austerity: A socio- cultural critique of the Celtic Tiger and its aftermath - O'Brien, EugeneMaher, Eamon

Gothic - Botting, Fred

The handbook of Gothic Mulvey Roberts, Marie

The hard facts of the Grimms fairy tales - Tatar, Maria M

History of British literature on film - Semenza, Gregory M. ColónHasenfratz, Robert J.

Identities: sociolinguistic perspectives - Hickey, Raymond

Interaction in the language curriculum: awareness, autonomy and authenticity - Van Lier, Leo

Irish literature in translation, 1830-1880 - Campbell, Matthew

Irish Traveller language: an ethnographic and folk-linguistic exploration - Rieder, Maria

James Joyce, urban planning and Irish modernism: Dublins of the future - Lanigan, Liam

Language and literacy in the early years 0-7 - Whitehead, Marian R

Language conflict in Algeria: from colonialism to post-independence - Benrabah, Mohamed

Language teacher cognition: a sociocultural perspective - Li, Li

Language use and language learning in CLIL classrooms - Nikula, TarjaDalton-Puffer, ChristianeSmit, Ute

The literature of terror: volume 2 - Punter, David

Materials development for TESOL - Mishan, Freda, authorTimmis, Ivor

Metabiography: reflecting on biography - Dhúill, Catríona Ní

Mixed methods research for TESOL - Brown, James Dean

Motion and space across languages: theory and applications - Ibarretxe-Antuñano, Iraide, Ed.

New grub street - Gissing, George

New speakers of Irish in the global context: new revival? - O'Rourke, BernadetteWalsh, John

Overcoming challenges in Corpus Construction - Love, Robbie

Practice in TESOL - Farr, Fiona

Recalling the Celtic Tiger - Maher, Eamon, edLucey, Brian M., edO'Brien, Eugene, ed.

Routledge encyclopaedia of translation studies - Saldanha, Gabriela, Ed.Baker, Mona, Ed.

The Routledge handbook of English language and digital humanities - Adolphs, Svenja, Ed.Knight, Dawn, Ed.

Routledge handbook of psychoanalytic political theory - Stavrakakis, Yannis

Scaffolding language development in immersion and dual language classrooms - Tedick, Diane J.Lyster, Roy

Seamus Heaney As Aesthetic Thinker : A study of the prose - O'Brien, Eugene

The subject of anthropology: gender, symbolism and psychoanalysis - Moore, Henrietta L

Threshold modernism: new public women and the literary spaces of Imperial London - Evans, Elisabeth

The translator's invisibility: a history of translation - Venuti, Lawrence

Trauma and identity in contemporary Irish culture - Gallego, Melania

Winterwood - McCabe, Pat

Media & Communications E-books (A-L)

The Age of Netflix: critical essays on streaming media, digital Barker, Cory, Ed.Wiatrowski, Myc, Ed.

American Mobilities: geographies of class, race and gender in US culture - Leyda, Julia

American television on British screens - Rixon, Paul

Blade runner Bukatman, Scott

Blade runner Hills, Matt

Blade runner experience: the legacy of a science fiction classic - Brooker, Will

The British pop dandy: masculinity, popular music and culture Hawkins, Stan

Christopher Nolan: a critical study of the films - Mooney, Darren

The cinema of Christopher Nolan: imagining the impossible - Furby, Jacqueline

A cinema of loneliness: Penn, Stone, Kubrick, Scorsese, Spielberg, Altman - Kolker, Robert Phillip

Commercial nationalism: selling the nation and nationalizing the sell - Andrejevic, Mark Ed.Volčič, Zala Ed.

Contemporary American cinema - Williams, Linda RuthHammond, Michael

Contemporary British television drama - Chapman, James

A companion to Alfred Hitchcock - Leitch, Thomas MPoague, Leland A.

A companion to reality television: theory and evidence - Ouellette, Laurie

Complex TV: the poetics of contemporary television storytelling - Mittell, Jason

Contemporary American cinema - Williams, Linda RuthHammond, Michael

Convergence culture: where old and new media collide - Jenkins, Henry

The essential cult TV reader - Lavery, David

The extraordinary image: Orson Welles, Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick and the reimagining of cinema - Kolker, Robert Phillip

Feminist film studies: writing the woman into cinema - McCabe, Janet

Film art: an introduction - Bordwell, DavidThompson, Kristin

Framing celebrity: New directions in celebrity culture - Holmes, SuRedmond, Sean

From entertainment to citizenship: politics and popular culture - Street, JohnInthorn, SannaScott, Martin

HBO's original voices: race, gender, sexuality and power - Monteverde, Giuliana, Ed.McCollum, Victoria, Ed.

The HBO effect - DeFino, Dean J

History of British literature on film - Semenza, Gregory M. ColónHasenfratz, Robert J.c

Heavenly bodies: film stars and society - Dyer, Richard

How writing works: from the invention of the alphabet to the rise of social media - Wyse, Dominic

Hollywood romantic comedy: conventions, history, controversies - Grindon, Leger

How writing works: from the invention of the alphabet to the rise of social media - Wyse, Dominic

Humble inquiry: the gentle art of asking instead of telling - Schein, Edgar H.

Instagram: visual social media cultures - Leaver, Tama

Integration and social cohesion in Ireland - Fanning, Bryan

Kathryn Bigelow: interviews - Bigelow, KathrynKeough, Peter

Latin American cinema- Hart, Stephen M.

Lifestyle TV - Ouellette, Laurie

Media & Communications E-books (M-Z)

Mad, bad and dangerous? The scientist and the cinema - Frayling, Christopher

Methods of Breaking Bad: essays on narrative, character and ethics - Wood, Dafydd, Ed.Blevins, Jacob, Ed.

The Netflix effect: technology and entertainment in the 21st century - McDonald, Kevin, Ed.Smith-Rowsey, Daniel, Ed.

The new European cinema: redrawing the map - Galt, Rosalind

The new television handbook - Orlebar, Jeremy

The periodical press in nineteenth century Ireland - Tilley, Elizabeth

Personality presenters: television's intermediaries with viewers - Bonner, Frances

The philosophy of Christopher Nolan - Eberl, Jason T. Ed.Dunn, George A. Ed.

Queerness in Pop Music: aesthetics, gender norms and temporality - Hawkins, Stan

Representing the rural: space, place, and identity in films about the land - Helfield, GillianFowler, Catherine

Romantic comedy - Mortimer, Claire

Romantic comedy: boy meets girl meets genre - McDonald, Tamar Jeffers

Routledge research companion to popular music and gender - Hawkins, Stan

Screenplay: building story through character - Selbo, Jule

Script culture and the American screenplay - Boon, Kevin A

Sherlock and transmedia fandom: essays on the BBC series - Stein, Louisa EllenBusse, Kristina

Spacing Ireland: place, society and culture in a post-boom era - Linehan, DenisCrowley, Caroline

Spreadable media: creating value and meaning in a networked culture - Jenkins, HenryFord, SamGreen, Joshua

Television as digital media - Bennett, James

Television aesthetics and style Jacobs, JasonPeacock, Steven

Television: critical methods and applications - Butler, Jeremy G.

Television style - Butler, Jeremy G

Transmedia television: new trends in network serial production - Clarke, M. J.

The wild west: the mythical cowboy and social theory - Wright, Will

The women who knew too much: Hitchcock and feminist theory - Modleski, Tania

White: twentieth anniversary edition - Dyer, Richard

Women in the Irish film industry: stories and storytellers - Liddy, Susan

Music E-books

Migrating music - Dueck, ByronToynbee, Jason

Psychology E-books

The constructivist credo - Lincoln, Yvonna S.Guba, Egon G.

Development through the lifespan - Berk, Laura E

Emerging methods in psychology - Abbey, Emily, Ed.Surgan, Seth Ed.

The handbook of child and adolescent clinical psychology: a contextual approach - Carr, Alan, Dr

Handbook of child psychology and developmental science, theory and method - Molenaar, Peter C. M. ed.Lerner, Richard M. edOverton, Willis F. ed

Handbook of cultural psychology - Kitayama, ShinobuCohen, Dov

Handbook of socialization: theory and research - Grusec, Joan E.Hastings, Paul D.

The new Klein-Lacan dialogues - Bronstein, Catalina, Ed.Pajaczkowska, Claire, Ed.Borossa, Julia, Ed.

Qualitative research methods: collecting evidence, crafting analysis, communicating impact - Tracy, Sarah J.

Research methods in psychology - Howitt, DennisCramer, Duncan

Routledge handbook of psychoanalytic political theory - Stavrakakis, Yannis

The Sage handbook of developmental psychology and early childhood education - Whitebread, David

Transitions: symbolic resources in development - Zittoun, Tania

Understanding statistics in psychology with SPSS - Howitt, DennisCramer, Duncan

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