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Open Access Publishing Agreements

A list of the Open Access Agreements that are available to authors affiliated with Mary Immaculate College


Open Access Publishing Agreements

Through our membership of the IReL consortium, registered staff and students from Mary Immaculate College can publish articles open access by availing of the different Publisher Open Access Agreements listed on this page. These "Read and Publish" or Transformative Open Access Agreements shift the payment structure away from subscription-based reading towards open access publishing.  This ensures that scholarly research outputs are freely available online to all and are not limited by the ability to pay. 

Who is eligible to avail of these agreements?

The corresponding author must be a current registered staff member or student of Mary Immaculate College at the time the article is accepted for publication. The corresponding author is the person responsible for manuscript submission and all communication during the publication process.

The corresponding author must ensure they use their MIC email address when submitting the article, so that the publisher can identify them.

Requests to publish OA under all the agreements are subject to approval by participating members.

What journals are covered?

A full list of the journals authors can publish OA with under these agreements are available here.

About the agreements

Some of the agreements have a limited annual quota of article processing charges (APCs) built into the agreements. Once this limit is reached, authors will not be offered the option to publish open access at no cost. If you are considering publishing with a particular publisher, please keep this in mind. Limit updates will be put on this page, and they are also available on the individual publisher agreement pages accessible from the publisher links on this page. Publishers where limits apply are Elsevier, OUP, Springer, Taylor & Francis and Wiley.

IReL (Irish Research Electronic Library)

IReL – IReL is a consortium of Irish research libraries, providing access  to licensed e-resources, OA publishing agreements, and open science  infrastructure.


IReL, Irish Research Electronic Library, is a consortium of Irish research libraries which provides member institutions with access to a wide range of licensed electronic resources, open access publishing agreements, and open science infrastructure.

Mary Immaculate College Library is a member of the IReL consortium.