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Middle Leadership: Visual Communication Tools


Did you know?

You don't just have to use PowerPoint and Word when creating posters or presentations. There are lots of great tools available online that you can use to spice up your work and enhance your creativity! This page will give you some examples of these tools. 

The most important thing to remember when using images in presentations and posters is that you abide by copyright law and regulations. When sourcing pictures, use Creative Commons to search for images that are free to use or are in the Public Domain. 

The tools on this page do require some time to get to know, but they are not hard to use and you can have great fun exploring and testing your creative muscles!

For further resources check out our Digital Resources for Teaching Guide which has lots of great ideas you can use in the classroom. 





Infographics are a great way to convey data in an simple and easy to understand form. You can use them to convey a lot of information, advertise or highlight services or simply to create an interesting visual of information. There are lots of great tools online to help you create a good infographic. 




Image Banks

Don't just rely on Google Images for cool visuals. And remember that not all Google images are copyright free. Here are some examples of image banks that have thousands of gorgeous photos and illustrations that you can explore and use.