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Collections Acquisition: Books


'Acquisitions' is the section of the Library responsible for the acquisition of, and subscription to books, serials and other teaching resources for the Library. Acquisition can be by purchase and through donation. The section is responsible for ordering of books and serials in all formats.


Gertie O'Callaghan

Carmel  Russell

Maureen McArthur


Timescale and Enquiries

It generally takes between 1-3 months to acquire items, depending on availability with publishers. When a staff member orders an item, they will be notified by email when the item goes on the shelf and is available for use.

For additional information about the progress of an order please email:

How to order

 MIC Academic Staff who require Items to be purchased for reading lists should email and include the following details:

  1. Title, author, publication details
  2. Whether each book is a core, supplementary text or research material
  3.  Module (s) book attached to
  4.  Approximate number of students on  module

 We focus on ordering eBook versions of titles, where they are available.

Online form

Orders for individual books can be placed using this online form

Search the library catalogue before placing an order. 

MIC Students are welcome to suggest titles that are relevant to their courses by completing this online form if the book is not available on the library catalogue. 

Completing the online form

Please enter the details of the books: Title, author, publication details

In the note field, please indicate if your books are for research or if they will be used on a module. If they will be used on a module, please enter the Module code here also.

The book request form submits directly to the Collection Services Staff and will be processed by the staff there. The electronic version of the book will be ordered. When an ebook is ordered, it will be available on Summon after 3 days. The print version could take 4-6 weeks to arrive.


When to order

It can take up to six weeks for a book to arrive in the Library although most books will arrive much sooner.

Please give the Library as much time as possible to order and process books in advance of the next semester (or whenever you need it). Requests made close to the start of semester will be processed as urgent but we cannot guarantee that they will be accessible to students in time.

Acquisitions calendar

Semester One


Email sent to all academic staff requesting orders for new books for the next academic year.

N.B.  Ordering for print ceases after 2nd week of July. Ordering for print would commence after 1st week of September.

Semester 2


Email sent to all academic staff requesting orders for new books for semester 2

Ebooks explained

Access levels of ebooks:

  • Limited concurrent user licence generally allows 1 or 3 concurrent users at any time. 
  • Credit based - a one-off fee to purchase a set number of ‘accesses’ per annum, usually between 200 and 400 individual logins. 
  •  Unlimited - Access for unlimited number of concurrent users. 
  • DRM free (allows full, permanent download/print for as many users as require the text) - This is usually the most expensive eBook option and is not always available

Order status


Once an order for an ebook has been placed and email is sent to the requestor. The ebook will appear on Summon after 3 day.

Print book

Status: On Order

Once an order for a print book has been placed, it will appear on Summon after 3 days

Status: In process of Acquisition technical service

Item received but not on shelf. To request the book click on Sign In

Status: Item In Place

Item is on the shelves and available to be loaned.