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Theology & Religious Studies: Online Resources

Evaluating Information

These tips will help you evaluate the quality, accuracy and reliability of information you find on the Web.


  • Who wrote the page - where is the information coming from?
  • Is the author qualified to speak on the topic?
  • Is the site reputable?


  • Is the information Correct?
  • Can you verify the information from another source?
  • Are there references available to back up the author's claims?


  • Is the purpose of the website to inform you?
  • Is it promoting or selling something?
  • Is it biased?


  • When was the site last updated?
  • How current are the links – have some expired or moved?


  • What topics are covered on the site?
  • Is the information on the site well presented?
  • Is special software required to view the page or is it fee based?

Useful websites

Bible Odyssey

The world's leading scholars share the latest historical and literary research on key people, places and passages of the Bible.

Catholic Encyclopaedia

Papal Encyclicals Online

A guide to online Papal and other official documents of the Catholic Church.

The Holy See

The official website of the Vatican.

Vatican Archives - documents of the Vatican II Council

Virtual Religion Index

The Virtual Religion Index is designed to advance research in matters of religion. It analyses and highlights important content of religion-related websites.

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