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Thurles Health and Wellbeing Collection: HOME

Welcome to the Health and Wellbeing Collection. College life can sometimes be challenging. We all need to take care of ourselves - both physically and mentally. Remember to eat well, get exercise and practice self care. Whether you're interested in managing stress, learning relaxation techniques or having more difficult issues, there are books here to help. Or if you'd simply like books on eating well and living well, there are titles for you too. This collection is for everyone.

The collection is located near the Reference Section. It is divided into five different sections and each has its own colour code.

EAT WELL: A variety to choose from - cooking on a budget, allergies, vegetarian, family, quick and tasty meals and much more.

STUDY WELL: Study tips, exam stress and dealing with College life.

EXERCISE WELL: Exercise and fitness, physical wellbeing.

RECOVER WELL: Mental health issues, difficult situations and solutions for recovery.

LIVE WELL: Everyday self care, mindfulness and wellbeing. 

Feel free to borrow the books as often as you need to or just browse them in the library.